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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chronological History Of Awami Tahreek 1970 to 1976

 The Chronological History of Revolutionary Political, Educational & Cultural struggles of Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement) & its Founders.

1970 to 1976

05-03-1970 Awami Tahreek (Sindhi Peoples Movement) was formally formed in a meeting of leading writers, activists and intellectuals in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. At the same meeting, leading theoretician Rasool Bux Palijo was elected as its first General Secretary. In coming years Rasool Bux Palijo and other founder members played key role in formation of Sindhi Hari Committee, Sindhi Shagird Tahreek, Awami National Party, Sindh Qomi Itehad, PONM, Sindhi Adabi Sangat, MRD, Sindhiani Tahreek, Sindhi Hari Tahreek, Pakistan Awami Jamhoori Itehad, Pakistan Awami Tahreek, Bihari Rokio Committee, Zulm Band Karyo Committee, Adumshumari Committee, Sindhi Mazdoor Tahreek, Sindh Intellectual Forum, Sindhi Awam Jo Qomi Itehad, Sindhi Girls Students Organization, Sujaag Bar Tahreek, Sindhi Shahri Itehad, Sindh Water Committee,
1940 Pakistan Resolution Implementation Committee, Legal & Technical Committee for Protection of Lands and Resources of Sindh, Awami Jamhoori Tahreek and Anti Greater Thal Canal and Kala Bagh Dam Action Committee.

1970 Awami Tahreek took rallies against cruelties in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

14-03-1970 SaeeN Palijo and Shaheed Fazil Rahoo initiated of 'Stop Auction of Sindhi Lands' movement against the occupation of lands of Sindh by Generals. .

1970 May Awami Tahreek played active role against illegal Army Operation in Bangladesh.

1971 April Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo, Hafeez Qureshi, Ibn-e-Hayat Panhwar & other leading  writers  and  Awami  Tahreek  workers  organized  historical  Sindhi Language Convention in Jamia Arabia school at Hyderabad.

1971 AT arranged protests against the slaughter of thousands of innocent people in Bangladesh in the month of November and Palijo sahib wrote book 'Jaikee Bangal San Thio' (What happened with Bengal).

1972 July & August: Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo & Awami Tahreek took protective measures against the attacks on Sindhi people after the presentation of language bill.

15-11-1972: For introducing revolutionary trends in the field of Sindhi literature Awami Tehrik launched the Tahreek Risalo (magazine).

1972 Rasool Bux Palijos book Sayed and Bhutto” published.

1973 April: Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo & Awami Tahreek at the time of framing of constitution organized protests with reference to Provincial autonomy.

1973 June Awami Tahreek demos against the operation in Balochistan .

1973 July Awami Tahreeks strong resistance against the demand of settlement of Biharis made by 20 Sindhi and Non-Sindhi MNAs in National Assembly in July 1973.

1973 October protests and press conference against the brutal killing of Sindhi student leader Ashok Kumar under the orders of intelligence agencies and Chief Minister.

1973 October protest against the arrest and illegal confinement of Mohtram Rasool Bux Palijo

1974 Mr. Palijo initiated Sindhi Seraiki Friendship by visiting Multan, Bahawalpur and by arranging meetings in different villages. .

1974 August Magazine Tahreek banned by PPP government Editor arrested under the directives of  feudals, intelligence agencies and Chief Minister.

1974 Once again Awami Tahreek played active role against illegal Army Operation in Balochistan.

08-10-1974 Foundation of Sindhi Hari Tahreek (Sindhi Hari Committee)

1975 Saeen Palijo defended Wali Khan, Khair Bux Mari and other Baloch and Pakhtoon Leaders in Hyderabad Conspiracy Case.

1975 Jashan-e-Latif at Thatta.

1976 Protests and rallies against political imprisonment of Mr. Palijo under the garb of DPR.

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