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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chronological History Of Awami Tahreek 1993 to 1999

The Chronological History of Revolutionary Political, Educational & Cultural struggles of Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement) & its Founders.

1993 to 1999

26-04-93 March against bonded labour and private prisons by Sindhi Hari Tahreek

 08-09-93 Jashan-e-Salgrah and speech competition held under the title of “Future Of Education in Sindh’ by SBT and SST.

19-11-93 Awami Tahreeks central convention and elections.

25-11-93 SST Central convention and speech competition on "Latif Ja Soorma Azeem Ahen ya Soormiyon" held in Sindh University..

1993 November and December hunger strikes against private prisons and for the rights of Harris farmers) in 16 Districts of sindh including Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta by Sindhiani Tahreek.

23-12-93 Labour Education work shop organised by Sindhi Mazdoor Tahreek in Hyderabad.

07-01-94 Qomi conference was held by AT on "solve our  problems" in Hyderabad. Awami Tahreek announced popular slogan, no further cut and dam on river Indus” in the same conference.

17-02-94         Population       conference       at         Press    Club    Hyderabad      by  Awami Tahreek.

 04-03-94 Debates on Students Politics is necessary or not in LMC by SST.

24-03-94 Central conference and Hari fair in Warah, Larkana by Sindhi Hari Tahreek.

14-04-94 Tariq Ashraf's Death Anniversary celebrated in Hyderabad by SRC. Rasool Bux Palijo, AW Areesar, Jam Saqi, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Inayat Baloch, Maqsood Memon, Ghulam Nabi Mughal, Inam Shaikh, Sardar Shah, Ambreen Hisani, and others participated.

14-05-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said Mohtrama Benazir should stop her minister Ghulam Mustafa Khar from announcements of Kala Bagh Dam.

16-05-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo questioned,” Who authorized Khar for this Diplomacy

22-05-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said Kala Bagh Dam is an attack on Sindh.

 22-05-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo wrote to World Bank that dam is creating political upheavals.

30-05-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said that conspiracy has been hatched to snatch River Indus.

31-05-1994 Palijo said that Khar should be immediately removed from Ministry of Water and Power.

01-06-94 to 15-06-94 2nd Long March from Hyderabad to Karachi against the Shortage of water and Kala Bagh Dam.

04-06-1994, 270 Sindhi Intellectuals demanded cancellation of Kala Bagh Dam.

04-06-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said that Sindh Assembly should pass resolution against Kala Bagh Dam.

08-06-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said, Passing the resolution against Kala Bagh Dam is duty of members

09-06-1994 RB Palijo welcomes the Shariat Conference of Sukkur which declared dams on river Indus as Gher-Sharee.

10-06-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo sent telegrams to Chief Minister, Ministers and members for the resolution against dam.

14-06-1994 Sindh Assembly passed the resolution against Kala Bag Dam.

14-06-1994 Federal Minster GM Khar of PPP said that his Govt. has made decision to construct the dam. Palijo criticizes Khar and PPP Punjab.

15-06-1994 Protest Long march reached at governor house Karachi.

15-06-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said; we would not allow the construction of dam and who is the agent Khar to make such decision.”

30-06-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo met with Chief Minister NWFP Aftab Sher Pao and Khan Abdul Wali Khan in Peshawar. He requested them for unanimous Anti Dam Resolution in NWFP Assembly.

30-06-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo announced in Peshawer that dam is conspiracy to create differences in oppressed people of Pakistan.

02-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said construction of dam is nothing but usurping of water from River Indus.

06-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that dam is conspiracy to demolish Pakistan.

08-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that votes were not given to rulers to sell Sindhs water.

11-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo said rulers are concerned with commissions / corruptions and money only.

15-07-1994; Quetta; Rasool Bux Palijo arrives in Quetta he said that we are complaining before People of Balochistan that we are being destroyed.

17-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that dam is big conspiracy like one unit.

18-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo met with Balochistan Chief Minster Nawab Zulifiqar Magsi, Mahmood Khan Achakzai and Khair Bux Maree.

18-07-1994 Baloch Assembly member promised to Palijo that they would pass resolution against Kala Bagh Dam.

28-07-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that justification of generating electricity from dam is a fake statement.

10-08-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that Dam would not be allowed merely on basis of signatures of Engineers.

1994 August Balochistan Provincial Assembly passes resolution against Kala bagh Dam.

13-08-1994 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that dam would not be allowed even if govt names it after Indus or Shah Bhittai.

06-12-94 celebration of children international day by Sujaag Baar Tahreek in Hyderabad

28-01-1995 Awami Tahreek decided to launch campaign against dam.

29-01-1995 Awami Tahreek started protests and marches against dam in Sindh.

16-02-1995 Rasool Bux Palijo said that Prime Minister should resign instead of being black mailed by establishment and agencies. .

25-02-95 Demonstration against the Kala Bag Dam and shortage of Water in Hyderabad by Sindhiani Tahreek.

17-03-1995 National Convention held by Awami Tahreek against Dam.

1995 17th central convention of Sindhi Students Movement (SST).

1995 Awami Tahreek defended Sindhis of Bhittai Abad of Karachi. Palijo won the case.

17-03-95 Big Convention in Qasimabad by Awami Tahreek against Kala Bag Dam

22-03-95 Seminar on Karo Kari (honour killings) in Hyderabad by Sindhiani Tahreek.

14-07-95 Mr. Palijo presented unique views in Human rights commissions conference held in Lahore. GN Mughal, Qadir Magsi, Abrar Qazi, Yousif Legahri and others join his hands for presentation of new definition of urban terrorism.

1995 August, Celebration of Jashan-e-Latif by AT in Naushehroferoze.

08-12-95 Historical Birthday of Mohtram Rasool Bux Palijo at Hyderabad.
Mustafa Qureshi, Abida Parveen, Hussain Shah Bukhari, Sarmad Sindhi, Jeejee Zareena Baloch, Imdad Husaasin, Waheed Ali, Nazeer Legahri and others paid tributes to him.

01-02-96 to 15-02-96 demonstration against terrorism all over the Sindh including Naudero, Nando Shahar, Naukot, Shahdadpur, Khadro, Detha, Ghulam Shah, Mithi, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Tando Mohammad Khan, Matli, Thirary Mohabat., Thatta and other cities by Awami Tahreek.

17-02-96 Presentation of agenda against terrorism and corruption by Awami Tahreek and 5 other organizations.

04-03-96 students struggle day in press club Hyderabad by Sindhi Shagird Tahreek.

20-04-96 Central convention and Birth Day celebration of Sindhiani Tahreek.

26-04-96 AT Jashan-e-Latif at Qambar.

14-10-96 Rally and protest march by Awami Tahreek in Hyderabad against the killings of Murtaza Bhutto, Afghan President Dr. Najeebullah and victims of Tando Bhawal.

22-11-96 Hari conference in Tando Mohammad Khan by Sindhi Hari Tahreek.

21-02-97 three days hunger strike by Awami Tahreek against the inclusion of terrorists in Sindh Government.

24-02-97 Jashan-e-Ustad Bukhari in LMC by Sindhi Shagird Tahreek.

04-03-97 Hunger strikes in all District of Sindh by Awami Tahreek.

17-03-97 AT Seminar of different political organizations and irrigation experts in press club Hyderabad against Kala Bag Dam and shortage of water.

18-03-97 Protest week in Sindh by Awami Tahreek.

1996 March Larkana Chief of the Awami Tahreek Mr. Palijo said that the government was targeting Sindhi.

13-04-97 national gathering of intellectuals and presentation of 79 points charter of demand of Sindhi Nation. National struggle committee established. Selected Politicians, Writers and Intellectuals demanded cancellation of Dam during National Gathering arranged by Awami Tahreek.

1997 May Rasool Bux Palijo visited Sarhad, Punjab and Islamabad and demanded provincial autonomy, due share of water for Sindhis and regional peace in sub continent

 03-05-97 historical black day observed in Sindh by Awami Tahreek and National Struggle committee against the corporation of terrorist Sindh Government and water and finance pact.

06-05-97 Cultural evening with Mustafa Qureshi and Rubeena Qureshi in Hyderabad by SRC. Rasool Bux Palijo, HAmeed Sindhi, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Nuzhat Pathan, Naseer Mirza, Madad Ali Sindhi and others spoek on the occasion.

31-05-97 Jashan-e-Latif in Shahdadpur by Sindhi Shagird Tahreek.

07-06-97 Rally and Gathering of thousand workers of Awami Tahreek on the call of Qomi Jadojahad committee.

27-06-97 Hunger strike by Sindhi Shagird Tahreek at Press Club Hyderabad against cancellation of Keti Bandar Project and quota system.

 06-07-1997 Demo in Moya. Qamabr, Sukkur, Shikarpur by AT.

1997, 7th and 8th July Hunger strike at Press Club by Sindhi Girls Students Organization against KT Bandar, quota system and terrorism in educational institutes.

12-07-1997 Successful strikes in Qasimabad held by Qasimabad Welfare movement and Sindhi Shagird Tahreek (SST) against the murder of Abu Zahid Narejo by Jamiat Terrorists in Karachi.

20-07-1997 Awami Tahreek Seminar on Keti Bandar.

01-08-1997 Awami Tahreek observed black day all over the Sindh.

10-08-1997 Rasool Bux Palijo visited Peshawar for seeking support against Kalabagh Dam.

17-08-1997 AT Jashan Latif in Tando Soomro

30-08-1997 AT Tour of Islamabad and Lahore

1997 August Death Anniversary of Shaheed Rooplo Kolhi by AT presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

1997 August Jashan Latif Noshahro Feroz, Rasool Bux Palijo, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Taj Baloch, Zahid Rajpar, Aamir Memon and Aziz Buriro demanded equal rights for Sindhis.

1997 August AT Jashan Latif Digri

1997 August AT Conference in Shapur chakar, Distt. Sanghar presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

1997 September Conference and Jashan-e-Latif in Moya by Awami Tahreek.

14-09-1997 Jashan-e-Latif in Mithi by Awami Tahreek.

20-09-1997 AT Tour of Thar by Alam Shah, Wishno Mal and Dr. Aziz Talpur.

30-09-1997 AT Conference regarding Sensus.

1997 September Visits of Sindhiani Tahreek of different cities.

1997 October death anniversary of Ustad Bukhari by AT.

1997 October Conference of Sindhi Shagird Tahreek at Badin and protest against murder of Rafique Khoso.

01-10-1997 Tours of Sindhiani Tahreek leaders Husna Rahujo, Imtiaz Soomro, Shahida Soomro, Sanam Soomro, Saeeda Gopang, Noor Jahan Brihmani. Of Dadu and Larkana.

11-10-1997 and 12-10-1997 Training workshop of Sindhiani Tahreek.

24-10-1997 AT and Thar Awami Itehads peace full rally against murder of innocent farmer in Mithi, 18 leaders of Thar Awami Itehad and AT booked in false cases.

26-10-1997 Save Education Save Resources” Session by Awami Tahreek at Hyderabad Press Club.

08-11-1997 Balak Adabi Forums annual celebration; chief guest Ayaz Latif Palijo appeals Sindhi students to play their role against dictators and terrorists. .

10-11-1997 AT Jashan-e-Latif in Phulji.

15-11-1997 Convention in Tando Bago regarding Minorities’ problems and 21st Century by Awami Tahreek.

15-11-1997 to 30-11-1997 Awami Tahreek struggle Save Education Save Resources” in different cities of Mirpurkhas.

1997 December Sukkur Seminar arranged by AT and Sukkur Alliance.

15-11-1997 to 22-11-1997 Save Education Save Resources” movement by Awami Tahreek in different cities of Larkana.

28-12-1997 Great Sindhi poet & writer Shaikh Ayaz died on Sunday at 3 a.m Rasool Bux Palijo, Ameer Ali Qadri, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Ibrahim Joyo, Zareena Baloch, Inayat Baloch, Mahitab Mahboob, Hasan Mujtaba, Mahitab Rashdi say it is great loss, Contemporary Sindhi Poetry is dominated by the giant figure of Shaikh Ayaz, whose distinct voice came into his own in the post-independence days.

1967 to 1997, in the 30 years of very crucial but politically potentate period the Awami Tahreek not only arranged the Jashan-e-Latif, and other cultural programs but also published a number of books including Tahreek (editied/published by Alam Shah), Andha oondha Wej, Sandi Zat Hunjan, Subah Theendo, Dararan Ja Duk, Hoochi Manh Ji Atam Kahani, Galihyoon Gunwarun Joon, Inqalab Me Adab Aen Fun Ji Ahmiat, Jeki Bengal San Thio, Inqalabi Nazrie San Hathiarband Thio, Watoon Weh Thion, Jin Jhoona Gharh jalayo, Awhan Je Pujanan (compiled and published by Ayaz Latif & Naz Sanai), Jay Toon Choreen Chang, Tahreek (editied/published by Ayaz Latif and then Noor Nabi Rahoojo), Jadhan Palije Galihayo (Ismail Khaskheli), Marun Munjh Muyas (compiled and published by Ayaz Latif), Kot Lakhput Jo Qaidi Volume 1 and 2 (compiled and published by Ayaz Latif & Feroz Memon), Passee Gaarha Gul (compiled/published by Ayaz Latif & Feroz Memon), Intellectual, Politician, Thinker Rasool Bux Palijo (compiled/published by Ayaz Latif), Subuh Theendo (editied/published by Ayaz Latif), Kaapri (editied/published by Wishnoo Mal), Wehan Moon Na Warae (compiled and published by Ayaz Latif & Feroz Memon), Kala Bagh Dam Khilaf Jidojahad, Haran Hatheela Beetha Sochen (compiled and published by Ayaz Latif & Naz Sanai) for the political, social, literary growth of Sindhi people.

1986 to 1997 in the period of 12 years the Awami Tahreek, Sindhiani Tahreek, Sindhi Shagird Tahreek by making its presentation in a number of seminars and conferences and gatherings held in America, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Afghanistan,  Philippines,  India,  Hong  Kong,  Canada,  Bangladesh,  Nepal, Holland,  Laos,  Thailand,  Vietnam,  Belgium  and  United  Arab  Emirates highlighted the case of Sindhi people and of Pakistani working classes and peasantry.

07-01-1998 to 12-01-1998 six days training educational workshop of AT.

16-02-1998 AT rally on roads of Hyderabad against Anti Sindh Policies.

1998 February Thatta, debate on falling standard of education in Sindh by AT & SST.

19-02-1998 AT Chief Rasool Bux Palijo criticized the so-called nationalist parties and their student wings and Vice Chancellors of Universities for destroying the education of Sindh in education seminar of Ibrat Group. A committee comprising of Professor Aijaz Qureshi, Ayaz Latif Palijo and Amir Ali Qadri draft the education resolution and policies. .

1998 March Death Anniversary of Hyder Bux Jatoi, Paljo prays his role.

1998 March Eid Gathering by Awami Tahreek at Wahi Pandhi, Dadu oath on fighting for interests of Sindh.

1998 March Welcome party by SST at Mithi.

1998 March Ayaz Latif Palijo, Gul Mastoi, Aijaz Qureshi, Jivan Das, Abid Shah and others observe that NGOs should not try to divert the political issues but they should work for lower classes.

25-03-1998 AT March from Mehar to Beto Jatoi against theft of Indus water.

1998 April Educational workshop by Awami Intellectual Forum.

1998 April debate by SRC, Subuh Theendo regarding Women problems. Nazeer Qureshi, Sahar Imdad, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Dr. Mumtaz Bhutto, Sahar Rizvi and other demand ban on KAro Kari.

1998 11th to 18th April tour of Rasool Bux Palijo from Mithi to Badin.

 20-04-1998 SBT participates in march against Child Labor in Hyderabad.

01-05-1998 Celebration of May Day in memory of Martyrs of Chicago.

13-05-1998 21st  Central Conference of Sindhi Shagird Tahreek, chief guest Rasool Bux Palijo appeals the youth for seriousness in education.

17-05-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo talks on LBOD.

19-05-1998 Meeting of Rasool Bux Palijo with Aftab SherPao in Peshawar regarding Kala Bagh Dam.

19-05-1998 Meeting of Rasool Bux Palijo with Ajmal Khatak, Begum Naseem, GA Bilor, Latif Afridi and decision for united struggle against Kala Bagh Dam and for provincial autonomy.

09-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo talked to Baloch leaders on dam and other issues.

12-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo spoke in Bar Association Quetta. He said that dam construction is like an atomic bomb thrown on small provinces.

15-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo arrived in Multan and Peshawar for discussing dam and other issues.

17-06-1998 Strike on call of AT action committee.

17-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo stated that the agencies are trying to suppress the movements against dam.

18-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo declared that protest against Kala Bagh Dam would continue till its cancellation.

21-06-1998 Federal Minister Mushahid Hussain met with Rasool Bux Palijo, Qamar Zaman Shah, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Qadir Magsi, Yousif Leghari and other activists and intellectuals. RB Palijo opposed dam and demanded its cancellation.

21-06-1998 central general council of Awami Tahreek decided to fight against dam till last drop of blood..

21-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo said that struggle will continue till end of dam.

21-06-1998 Awami Tahreek, PPP, ANP and Sindh democratic party constituted Anti Kala Bagh Dam Front.

21-06-1998 AT consultation with Intellectuals and Writers.

23-06-1998 Protest March against Kala Bagh Dam at Tando Muhammad Khan.

25-06-1998 Intellectuals march in Hyderabad against dam.

25-06-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo started tour of Sindh.

02-07-1998 protest against Kala Bagh Dam at Gulshan-e-Hadeed, by Sindhiani Tahreek.

10-07-1998 AKDF leaders Rasool Bux Palijo, Nisar Khoro, Amin Khatak and others met with editors of newspapers.

13-07-1998 Rasool Bux Palijos visit to Peshawar and Islamabad.

26-07-1998 16th Central Conference of Sindhiani Tahreek and protest, chief guest Rasool Bux Palijo.

1998 July AT March against Kala Bagh Dam.

1998 August AT tour of Thatta for hunger strike against Kala Bagh Dam

05-08-1998 Protest against Kala Bagh Dam and fake consensus at Moya by Awami Tahreek.

17-08-1998 Advocates Fatah Malik and Lakhano Behrani joined Awami Tahreek.

1998 August warm welcome to Rasool Bux Palijo at Banoon, NWFP.

1998 August March from Qadir Dino Shah Mori to Shah Karim by Awami Tahreek.

14-09-1998 Rasool Bux Palijo visited Kario Ganhwar.

19-09-1998 Seminar regarding 15th Amendment chief guest Rasool Bux Palijo condemns armys role in politics.

1998 September AT March from Beerani to Tando Adam against Kala Bagh Dam and other Anti-Sindh Policies.

28-09-1998 Tour of Kotri by Sindhiani Tahreek.

1998 September Jashan-e-Latif in Palijani presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

1998 October Sindh Children Festival presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

01-11-1998 Awami Tahreek participated in consultation conference at Islamabad.

07-11-1998 Protest against Kala Bagh Dam by PRNDP attended by Ayaz Latif Palijo, Sarwar Bari, Nafeesa Shah.

21-11-1998 Conference of Sindhi Hari Tahreek presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

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