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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chronological History Of Awami Tahreek 2000 to 2004

The Chronological History of Revolutionary Political, Educational & Cultural struggles of Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement) & its Founders.

2000 to 2004

12-06-2000 Mass mobilization campaign under the supervision of party leaders.
Palijo says "This is time to mobilize people for issues like Kala Bagh Dam, termination of Sindhi people, recovery of various taxes and water shortage," he added. Addressing a press conference at Palijo House Prince Town here on Sunday, he said as part of the campaign, Awami Tahreek leaders would visit various cities and towns of Sindh and inform them about what's happening with them. Banners, pamphlets and placards, "exposing the atrocities inflicted on the Sindhis", would be displayed at various places. He said that he is not against the Mohajirs and Punjabis but hates those who perpetuate atrocities on the Sindhis and other working classes of Pakistan. Palijo said that there was nothing wrong in Sindhis' working with the Mohajirs. On the recent meeting of PONM's Acting Convener Attaullah Mengal with Muttahida chief Altaf Hussain in London, Palijo said that it was his (Mengal's) personal meeting. "Actually, the PONM convener is not a Sindhi and does not known about the atrocities committed by the terrorists on the Sindhis."

07-09-2000 addressing WSC conference in London Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo demanded equality within Pakistan and provincial autonomy for Sindhis. He condemned the forcible taking over of the coastal land and fishing areas of Sindh from Sindh Government and transferring these illegally and unconstitutionally to the Federal Coastal Development Authority-Naval authority, thus denying the fishing rights to native Sindhis and depriving the populous to the means of livelihood. He condemned the unfair and illegal dismissal of many Sindhis by the recent government on the pretext of improving the efficiency prior to privatization of KESC, PIA and other departments. He demanded that Sindhis must be ensured their due share of jobs in the provincial and federal governments, semi- government & autonomous agencies including civil, military and foreign services.

20-03-2001 Long March of Awami Tahreek from Bhit Shah. Lathee charge by police central leaders arrested. Ayaz Latif Palijo filed bail applications in Sessions Court and quashment application in High Court, Court released Rasool Bux Palijo, Shahnawaz Junejo, Dodo Maheri and Sindhiani Tahreek workers.

31-03-2001 More than 70 workers and leaders of Awami Tahreek and Sindhiani Tahreek including Rasool Bux Palijo, Nazir Qureshi, Maryam Hoor Palijo, Jeejee Zareena Baloch, Qadir Ranto, Hakim Halepoto, Ganhwar Zaoonr, Piral Bhano, Saran Palijo, Kulsoom Halepoto, Ali Muhammad Sodho and others were baton- charged, Injured and violently arrested by Thatta and Karachi police today (31st March 2001) in a bid to foil the Historical Protest Long March against the shortage of water in Sindh. Thousands of Policemen and Rangers leaded by SSPs of Police, Majors and several DSPs rounded up the marchers on the 12th day of the long march near Sugar Mill bridge Thatta and instead of arresting them peacefully started tear-gas shells and baton charging and severely injured Dada Qadir Ranto, Azmat Halepoto, Hawa Palijo, Kulsoom Halepoto, Sajida Bahno, Four years old Siraj Palijo and others. Police also tried to attack 71 year old Party leader Rasool Bux Palijo but thousands of protesters encircled and protected him from brutal aggression of police and rangers. All these leaders and workers were confined in Thatta and Makli Police Stations and heart patient Palijo was kept in an isolated lockup where no one was allowed to meet him. Next day Ayaz Latif Palijo filed bail applications in Sessions Court and the Court released Rasool Bux Palijo and Awami Tahreek & Sindhiani Tahreek workers.

10-04-2001 Awami Tahreek's National Long March finally successfully reached at the governor house to present its memorandum of protest against ongoing acute shortage of water in Sindh, and termination of 43000 Sindhi civil servants form jobs and the conspiracy to divide Sindh through implementing the city and district govt. plan. Renown intellectual and Awami Tahreek's chief, 73-year old, Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo badly beaten and arrested along with hundreds of male and female workers. It was the third time that Mr. Palijo got arrested during 21-day long march that started from Bhit Shah on 20th March 2001.during this period marchers marched 350 km distance. Police since last evening had blocked all the ways leading to the Governor House and Karachi Press Club, they left no way to enter in the area. But the workers of Awami Tahreek broke all their tactics and barriers and successfully reached at the spot, Law enforcement agencies got shocked when in the midst of march Mr. Palijo surprisingly came on a motor bike and led the march, As he appeared, He got attacked by the law enforcement personnel and was not given few minutes to speak up with marchers. Sindhiani Tahreek's workers struggled hard to get him free from the police hands, but efforts failed as police resorted teargas shelling and indiscriminately used Lathi charge against the women activists, and were arrested by the authorities. Hundreds of women activists and innocent children went missing during the day long battle with the police. situation turned in to worst when hundreds of female and male workers collapsed due to heavy teargas use, even some of the Sindhi Journalists also collapsed on the ground, Mr. Imtiaz Ali Chandio of Kawish Group of News papers was one of them. Journalists saved one ten year old girl from the lady police when she was attacked by them, Mr. Zulfiqar Merani of daily "TAMEER-E-SINDH" and others had hot exchange of words with the police officers. Mr. Hakeem Zangejo, Qadir Ranto, Dr. Aziz Talpur, Mr. Rafee Laghari, all central leaders of Awami Tahreek were also tortured and arrested. Ganhwar Zaoonr, Piral Bhano, Rafi Leghari, Hakim Zangejo, Ms. Zarqa Halepoto, Mrs. Ponam Menghwar (along with her three months old baby girl), Ms. Kulsoom Halepoto, Ms. Saima bhano, Ms. Kareeman Palijo, Ms. Farzana Palijo, Ms. Sadia Bhano, Deedar Kandhro, Anees Leghari, Ms. Afsana Nizamani, Ms. Abida Palijo, Maryam Gopang and others were baton-charged, injured and brutally arrested AT's central Leaders Syed Alam Shah, Mr. Ibrar Qazi, Ms.Nazir Qureishi, Ms. Zahida Shaikh, Qadir Birohi and others addressed to a press conference in the press club Karachi, they told to that media men that such brutal acts of violence against our leaders and workers can not stop us from continuing our struggle. They vowed to continue struggle till getting the rights. They appealed all the people of the world to support Sindhis in their peaceful struggle for genuine rights. They pledged to strengthen the movement by organizing the people for larger and broader movement. Awami Tahreek has called its central committee meeting on 15 April to decide the further course of action.

2001 April Sindh High Court on petitions filed by Ayaz Latif Palijo quashes the FIR registered against Awami Tahreek leadership.

11-04-2001 SANA, WSC, WSI and other oversees Sindhi organizations criticized the attacks on Mr. Palijo and Sindhiani Tahreek workers. Iqbal Tareen, Aziz Narejo, Khalid Hashmani, Aftab Kazi, Altaf Memon, Munawar Halepoto, Saghir Shaikh, Javed Soomro, Zahid Makhdoom, Dr. Qamar Wahid, Mithal Vakkasi, Paryal Soomro, Ishaque Tunio, Munawar Leghari, Qadir Bux Jattoi, Shahid Iqbal Talpur, Sahail Kalhoro, Hasan Mujtaba, Hafiza Talpur, Professor Gul Agha, Zahid Makhdoom, Ali Nawaz Memon, Sanny Panhwar, Rakhshanda Mehar, Mehar Hussain Shah, Suraya Makhdoom, Ramesh Tharwani, Ajaz Memon, Ajaz Turk, Nafeesa Hoodbhoy and others condemned the brutality of govt. and showed their solidarity with Sindhi masses.

05-07-2001 SANA Convention in Chicago, Illinois, Rasool Bux Palijo urged every educated Sindhi to read more - learn more about world history, freedom struggles, and particularly the military and political strategies. You don't need every Sindhi to be educated to bring about a change. What you need is smart leaders and smart middle class who can predict and understand each move of adversary and quickly make a counter move and take an offensive move, when appropriate. He added that he was quite hopeful in the ability of Sindhis to withstand all onslaughts and ultimately come out victorious. Let! there be no doubt that these Sindhi Sapoots and followers of Shah Abdul Latif will never give up on their rights. They will not vanish in the history. They will resist and fight until they are victorious. By this time every one in the audience so attentive that other than his words, there was no other sound. Even the Sindhi infants, who never seem to stop crying, seem to have been taken aback by what was happening around them. Most in the audience were impressed with Mr. Palijo's analysis and articulation of Sindhi issues, his hopes and his encouragement that Sindh is worth living for and Sindh is worth dying for. As he finished his speech, almost all of the audience arose, giving a memorable standing ovation, a rare occurrence in SANA conventions, to one of their aging sons who had really moved them today.

08-07-2001 The Awami Tahreek has termed Agra summit meeting a rare opportunity to reduce the "artificial" tension between India and Pakistan.

08-08-2001 Awami Tahreek observes hunger strike all over the Sindh against govt..

30-12-2001 Musharaf-Politicians Meeting in Islamabad. Awami Tahreek Chief Rasool Bux Palijo once again argues the Sindh Case: Palijo criticized Thal Canal, Dominating role of Punjab, reduction in prices of crops & Water Shortage and disapproves Army's role in Politics.

15-03-2002 Karachi Metropole hotel. Dialogue on Thal Canal, Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate (Awami Tahreek), Taj Hyder Ex. Senator (PPP), Dr. Qadar Magsi (STPP), Zain Shah (Jeay Sindh) opposed Thal Canal and Kala Bagh Dam.

17-03-2002, The leaders of several political parties, growers and technocrats have lashed out at Punjab and Wapda for withholding water supply to Sindh and opposed the construction of greater Thal canal. They were speaking at the water and agriculture conference organized by the Awami Tahreek (AT) at Qasimabad here on Sunday night. The conference, which was attended by thousands of people from all over Sindh, lasted for eight hours and concluded at mid-night. In his presidential address, Rasool Bux Palijo said that the people of Sindh will not accept the construction of greater Thal it was the unanimous opinion of over 30 million people of the province that the canal was an anti-Sindh project and should be shelved without any further delay.

23-03-2002 Rally in front of Pakistan High Commission in London on the call of WSC protest against the construction of Thal canal, economic exploitation, human right abuses and other anti-Sindh designs of Pakistani establishment. The rally was attended by Sindhi Diaspora who came from various corners of the UK. Among others Maader-e-Sindh Jeejee Zareena Baloch, Balach Marri, Sassui Palijo, George Anthony of Liberation, Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) and many UK based intellectuals, writers and journalists, participated..

20-04-2002 Rasool Bux Palijo, Dodo Maheri, Muzafar Sadiq Bhatti, Wishno Mal, Rahim Solangi, Punhal Sario, Abdul Majid Nizamani, Abrar Kazi, Nazeer Memon and others on hunger strike against the water shortage and Thal Canal. Awami Tahreek Chief Mr. Palijo calls for hunger strike all over Sindh on 23rd April.

23-04-2002 on call of Awami Tahreek Chief Mr. Palijo strikes all over the Sindh against Thal Canal.

19-05-2002 thousands of Sindhi women, men and children march on boiling roads of Hyderabad Sindh (Pakistan) under the scorching sun against proposed anti people THAL irrigation canal. More than One Hundred and fifty thousand (150000) haris, activists, students, college and school girls, trade unionists, small growers and political workers are on roads on the call of Sindh Water Committee and Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement) Chief Rasool Bux Palijo. Marchers slogans: darya jey khatir jhero aa..sindhooo jey khatir jhero aa..ghadar wadera jhero aa..punjab ja sathee jhero aa..shahran ja qabiz jhero aa...lahore ja zalim jhero aa..panee ja qatil jhero aa..o general to san jhero aa..dahshat ja bani jhero aa..gothan ja weree jhero aa.. faslan ja mozee jhero aa..sindhian ja qatil jhero aa..panee kahtir panee theendo.. dhartee khatir panee theendo..sindhoo je lai panee theendo..amar khatir panee theendo..bherun khatir panee theendo.. jeejal to lai panee theendo.. dushman to san panee theendo.....toon sindh sukaeen wapda... to qatil aheen wapda...toon dam thee thaheen wapda... toon marneen aheen wapda.

19-5-2002 Awami Tahreek & Sindh Water Committee (SWC) Protest March against Thal Canal and Water shortage on 19th May, accusing the federal government, Punjab government and WAPDA for usurping Sindh's water and has appealed to the world community to take notice of these autocratic excesses and help to restore justice in province of Sindh.

30-09-2002 Political activists and journalists of Karachi, coordinated and led by Awami Tahreek Karachi chapter, organized an anti-war protest demonstration before Karachi Press Club. The protest was aimed to express solidarity with participants of protest rally held in Washington against the anti-people policies of IMF and World Bank. The participants of this demo believed that war mongering is not going to serve the cause of peace and stability that the world needs today. They condemned war-mongering attempts against Iraq and termed any military action against Iraq is part of imperialistic designs. Political activists, students of Karachi University, journalists who staged demo chanted slogans against US imperialistic war, saying "Almai Amun Zindabad, Almi Samraj Murdabad, Abolish IMF and World Bank. They said talk of democracy in Iraq is excuse to justify American occupation of Iraq after Afghanistan. They called upon govt. of Pakistan to oppose and condemn American war-hysteria and not to adopt an indifferent attitude toward this devastating policy of America. They said that Musharaf regime has failed to represent the wishes of Pakistani people rather it is serving its political interests and American imperialists goals. Demo was addressed by AT Karachi leader Sattar Gopang, Rauf Noonari, Mushtaque Rajpar, HRCP representative Zaheer Khan, Int. Socialist Group leader Sertaj Khan, KUJ General Secretary Rana Khalid and other students.

2003 February, Press Conference against cruelties and lawlessness in Thatta addressed by Rasool Bux Palijo, Nazir Ahmed Jakhro, Manzoor Ali Sarki and Sassui Palijo.

2003, February Palijos visit to Thatta, Zulam Band Kayo Committee formed.

2003, February Abadgar Conference by AT and Sindh Small Growers Association Badin.

 06-03-2003, Press Conference by AT and Sindh Water Committee.

08-03-2003, Womens International Day at Multan by Patan, attended by large delegation of Sindhyani Tahreek.

13-04-2003, Conference by Sindh Water Committee against Greater Thal Canal presided by Rasool Bux Palijo. Anti Greater Thal Canal and Kalabagh Dam Action Committee formed

22-06-2003 MIRPURKHAS: Leaders of the anti-Thal canal committee have warned of massive protests including sit-in at railway tracks and blocking of roads leading to the Punjab if the project is not abandoned. The anti-Thal canal rally, which started from Hyderabad, reached here on Sunday on its way to Umerkot. Those who spoke on the occasion included Rasool Buksh Palejo, Nisar Khuhro, Sayed Qaim Ali Shah, Qadir Magsi (Jeay Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party), Khalid Mehmood Soomro (JUI), Afzal Gujar (PML-N labour division), Maulana Asadullah Bhutto (MMA), Senator Taj Haider and PPP MNAs Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani, Nawab Yousuf Talpur and Sayed Qurban Ali Shah.

19-07-2003 Rally from Hyderabad to Mithi and Chachro led by Rasool Bux Palijo, Nisar Ahmed Khero, Moulana Taj Muhammad Amroti and Dr. Qadir Magsi.

17-08-2003 Rally of Awami Tahreek; citizens of Mirpurkhas declared campaign against Greater Thal Canal.

16-08-2003 Palijo speaks at Jashan-e-Latif jointly organized by Local Social organizations and Sindhi Adabi Sangat Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi.

28-08-2003 Sindh Water Committee (SWC) president Rasool Bux Palijo has criticized Wapda for its announcement that the construction of the greater Thal canal will continue and that the project will be completed before time. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Palijo termed the announcement terrorism against Sindh. He said this was being done in disregard of the opposition by the people of Sindh. Palijo, who is also the president of the Awami Tahreek, said this announcement by Wapda was against norms of democracy, federalism and humanity. He said the present rulers had broken all previous records of highhandedness and plunder of Sindh resources.

30-08-2003 Shikarpur: Leaders of the Anti-Greater Thal Canal Action Committee have said Sindh will face an acute shortage of water if the Kala Bagh dam and the Thal canal are constructed. Awami Tahreek chief Rasool Bux Palijo, PPP leader Nisar Khoro, Qadir Magsi, Afzal Gujjar and Maulana Azam Jehangiri were speaking at a big gathering at the Jumani Hall Chowk here on Saturday evening. They said President Gen. Pervez Musharraf wanted to prolong his rule so he was applying undemocratic tactics.

23-10-2003 The Anti-Greater Thal Canal and Anti-Kala Bagh Dam Action Committee at its public meeting held at the Haider Chowk demanded that the work on the "illegal, unconstitutional and immoral" greater Thal canal should be stopped forthwith. The meeting was attended by thousands of people from all over the Sindh province. The resolutions adopted at the meting with the name of "declaration" further demanded that Chashma-Jehlum and Taunsa-Panjnad link canals should be closed, Sindh be compensated for its share of water. The meeting demanded that the Kala Bagh dam should be shelved forever and no dam be constructed on the Indus river or its tributaries till the issues relating to water were settled. It called for the permanent settlement of the water issue under the aegis of the UN and OIC and SAARC. The declaration said construction of the Gwadar seaport should be stopped till the consent of the people of Balochistan was obtained.

30-12-2003 The Sindh water conference held by Awami Tahreek and Sindh Water Committee, demanded; the government to shelve the greater Thal canal project. A resolution, adopted at the conference, said that the canal was illegal, unconstitutional and immoral and it would convert Sindh into a desert. Another resolution accused the agencies of producing bandits and patronizing feudal and tribal chiefs. The conference demanded of the government to restore supremacy of law, eliminate the bandit factor, tribal disputes and inhuman custom of Karo-kari. Through another resolution, it demanded that the income from the natural resources of Sindh - including oil, gas and coal should be spent on welfare of the people of Sindh and 100 percent employment should be given to the local people in the industrial units of the province.

31-12-2003, Rally against Thal Canal and Kala Bagh Dam in Daro by Awami Tahreek, consequently raids and arrests of its workers. Ashraf Palijo, Usman Samon and others charged with Anti Terrorism Act. Ayaz Latif Palijo filed cases on their behalf.

2004, January Historical Rally in Karachi by Anti Greater Thal Canal Action Committee.

11-01-2004, Two days conference and Peaceful rally in Lahore by Pakistan Social Forum. Awami Tahreek leaders raise voice against Kalabagh Dam.

2004, January Hunger Strike and Protest by Awami Tahreek against false cases of Daro, Faridabad.

2004, January Rasool Bux Palijo said that the good steps in respect of globalization should be encouraged, but the imperialist designs of colonization and economic hegemony be resisted.

16-01-2004 Dozens of activists, writers men and women of Awami Tahreek, Sindhiani Tahreek, PILLER, SAP, ASR have arrived in Mumbai India to participate in World Social Forum. The leaders of Awami Tahreek Chief Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo, Qadir Ranto, Nazeer Qureshi, Akhtar Baloch, Hoorunissa Palijo, Zahida Shaikh, Wishnoo Mal and others they were received in Bombay by Karamat Ali, Nighat Saeed Khan, Nand Javeri, Ramesh Kateja, Haree Motwani and other Sindhi writers and organizers of the Event. Over one hundred thousands people from Third world Countries and anti-globalization activist from North American, Far East and Europe attended this meeting at NESCO grounds, Goregaon East, Mumbai. Sindhiani Tahreek took out procession agsint Kalabagh Dam. Rally was led by Rasool Bux Palijo, Deewan Aroo Mal, Pirah Palijo, Shahnaz Padoo Palijo, Zahida Shaikh, Maryam Palijo, Marui Palijo, Akhter Baloch, Noor Nabi Palijo and others.

05-02-2004, March of Awami Tahreek from Thatta to Karachi.

10-02-2004 Huge historical protest rally of Sindhis in Karachi (Pakistan) led by Rasool Bux Palijo, Nisar Khoro, Qadir Magsi, Makhdoom Jamil u Zaman, Gul Mohammad Jakhrani, Sassui Palijo and others. Hundreds of thousands Sindhi men and women came on roads against proposed construction of environmentally, politically and geographically disastrous Kala Bagh Dam and Thal Canal. The well-planned march, sit-ins and mammoth crowd brought the momentum of mass resistance at its peak. The rally was organized by 11-party alliance, Anti-Greater Thal Canal Action Committee, made up of nine main political parties: Awami Tahreek (Sindhi People's Movement), Pakistan People's Party, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group), JI, Taraqi Pasand Party, JUI-F, Sindh National Front, Awami National Party, Balochistan National Party etc and more than 200 leading writers, intellectuals, water experts, journalists and 35 parliamentarians and MPs were also marching with the thousands of protesters.

10-02-2004, Bicycle March by Sindhi Shagird Tahreek against Greater Thal Canal and Kala Bagh Dam.

2004 March Awami Tahreek chief RASOOL BUX PALIJO has condemned bomb blasts in Khairpur and Mehrabpur and said agencies wanted to involve peaceful political activists of Sindh in criminal cases.

339.  05-04-2004, Sindhi Hindu Sudhar Tanzeem and AT organized Jashn-e-Kabir and District Conference in Shahpur Chakkar, Distt. Sanghar.

14-05-2004, Press Conference by Rasool Bux Palijo at Hyderabad Press Club.

31-05-2004, Divisional General Council of Awami Tahreek Karachi.

11-6-2004 Around eighty leading intellectuals, writers, assembly members and activists attended a Latifee Musical Sham here in Hyderabad on Friday the 11th June. This unique get-to-gather was hosted by Advocate Ayaz Latif Palijo and attended by Renowned Journalist G N Mughal, MPA and Poet Makdoom Jamil-u- Zaman, Peoples Party MPA Sassui Palijo, Chairman Taraqi Passand Party Dr. Qadir Magsi, Poetess Dr. Rukhsana Preet Channar, MPA Farheen Mughal, SNP Leader Dr. Dodo Maheri, Professor Madam Mumtaz Bhutto, Awami Tahreek Leader Abrar Kazi, MPA Zahid Bhurgri, President Sindh Democrats Advocate Muhammad Yousif Legahri, Writer and Secretary Adabi Board Inam Shaikh, Poet Sarkash Sindhi, Director Information Dur Muhammad Kamal, Muhammad Ali Legahri, Sukhar Lashari, MS Civil Hospital and former President Gymkhana Hyderabad Dr. Hadi Bux Jattoi, Provincial Assembly Candidate Mion Ali Walhari, Columnist and President SQWA Ghulam Rasool Chandio, Dr. Nazeer Shaikh, Advocate Liaqat Malik, Sameena Memon, Director Finance Water Wing Tufail Shahani, Dr. Gulzar Jumani, Raheela Shah, Advocate Waqqar Bhurgri, Yasir Kachelo, woman activist Rehana Channa, Agha Sanaullah, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Journalist Iqbal Mallah, Advocate Deedar Baloch, Advocate Raja Sahar, Vice President Qasimabad Alliance Tanweer Shaikh, Advocate Bhagwandas Bheel and many others.

28-6-2004 Peasant Conference in Cheeho, Naushahro Feroze. Rasool Bux Palijo, Dr. Nazir Shiekh, Mushtaq Rajpar, grand son of Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro and Nazim Shikarpur Aqeel Abas Soomro, who has recently joined Awami Tahreek, Javed Rajpar and other peasant leaders spoke in the program.

13-07-2004, Protest on main Road of Mirpur Bathoro by Anti Thal Canal and Kala Bagh Dam Action Committee presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

18-07-2004 Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Abdul Jabbar Khan Naib Nazim Hyderabad,  Habibur  Rehman  Memon,  Manzoor  Sheikh,  Nisar  Effendi,  Mohammed Hussein Syed and MPA Sassui Palijo and others condemned Musharafs Govt. policies against Sindhis in seminar at Indus Hotel

29-08-2004, Seminar at Islamabad against the cruelties of General Zia’s period Awami Tahreek delegates shared their experiences.

2004, August Conference of AT and Water Committee in Jhudo.

01-10-2004 WSI conference in Washington. Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo started his presentation by stating that the problems of Pakistan are also the problems of Asia and Muslim world. He said the primary impetus for the militarization of Pakistan has come from two underlying historic facts. The first has to do with the desire of Muslims to once again become predominant and conquerors in the footsteps of the accomplishments of great military leaders of early Islamic times. The same is true of Christian, Hindu, and Jewish people. The second factor consists of colonialism, particularly the British colonialism that practiced policies that Muslim intentionally backward and only rewarded those Muslims who fought their wars. Talking about the impact of these policies on Sindh, he cited the British action of amalgamating Muslim dominated Sindh with Hindu dominated Bombay. This severely impacted the ability of Muslim Sindhi, who primarily lived in small towns and rural areas to travel hundreds of miles away for college education. This forced Muslims of Sindh to attend "Mulla" schools. Although the Sindhi Muslims were able to withstand this discrimination due to their natural tolerance for diverse religions, other Muslim areas had a tremendous influence in infusing extremism. The present day colonialism too has promoted religious extremism when has served their interests. The same Mullas, who were supported by the United States and called "Ghazis" when they were fighting Russian hegemony in Afghanistan, became Talibans and extremists. In fact, the issue of terrorism has been created by the Western world and unfortunately the wings of terrorism has engulfed the Sufis of Sindh as well. Pakistan was never meant to be a country of religious intolerance. The first statement by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, gave after the birth of Pakistan that people who lived in Pakistan were no longer Hindus, Muslims, or Christians - all were equal in eyes of law. The same people, who killed him and his sister, became the perpetual rulers. He added any time a world power such as the USA, pats the shoulder of a dictator, the dictator unleashes a new round of steps that further reduce freedoms - the same phenomenon is happening again. Thousands of people are dying in Sindh daily, but the censorship in Pakistan is such that their plight remains hidden from rest of the world. If we raise little more voice, the rulers say Sindhis are not competent and bring more rangers to control masses. Commenting on why Sindhis are not in the Pakistan military. He said they are intentionally being kept away. Mr. Palijo added that once when General Hamid Gul repeated the same statement, he challenged him to give him a commitment as to how many Sindhis they want and he will ensure that many more Sindhis would apply. In another example, he said that once he was given a large list containing the names of those officers whose domicile was from Sindh. When he asked the authorities to tell him how many of these officers had parents who spoke Sindhis, the military generals were taken back and replied that they don't have such records. Commenting what overseas Sindhis can do to help for Sindhis. He replied in that back in late sixties and seventies, Sindhi intellectuals and writers played the role of "monitors" on the activities of Sindhi groups and political parties no ensure that none of them betrayed Sindh. As once mighty and united front of intellectuals and writers no longer speakers one voice, overseas Sindhis must perform a similar role. Commenting on the demand by some Sindhis that Sindh should be a free country, he said the demographic conditions were such that it will not be a free country. With large urban areas fully controlled by non-indigenous forces, much of the power will be concentrated in the hands of non-indigenous and Islamabad will still rule Sindh through proxies. Ayaz Latif Palijo, Nisar Khoro, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Atia Daood, GN Mughal and others also attended this gathering.

20-10-2004: The Sindhi Shagird Tahreek (SST) at its central committee meeting here on Tuesday called upon the government to allocate more funds for education.

2004 Awami Tahrek leader Ayaz Latif Palijo hosted a reception in honor of visiting Sindhi scholar and daughter of A J Uttam and Sundri Uttam Chandi, Ms Asha Chand in Hyderabad. Rasool Bux Palijo, Makhdoom Jamil, Ayaz Latif, Noor ul Huda Shah, Sassui Palijo, Iram Mahiab Mahboob, Dr. NAzia Memon, Qasim Maka, GN Mughal and others participants admired the role played by writers: Dr. Hotchand Molchand Gurbaxani, Jethmal Pursram Gulrajani, Lalchand Amardino Mal Jagtiani, Bheromal Maharchand Adwani, Kalyan Advani, Mangharam Malkani, AJ Uttam, Keerat Babani, Gobind Malhi, Sundri Uttam, Popti Hiranandani, Gobind Panjabi, Dayal Motvani, Perso Gedwani, Lakhmi Khilani, Nand Javeri, Haree Motwani, Mohan Kalapna, Heero Thakar, Laxman Koomal Bhatia, Veena Shringi, Arjun Sikayal, Dholan Rahee, Gowardhan Bharti, Lekhraj Aziz, M Kamal, Sugan Ahooja, Adhee Jhangiani, Anand Golani, Anand Khemani,  Anand  Tahlramani,  Arjun  Hasid,  Ashok  Motwani, Bhagwan  S Gidwani, Bhojraj Nagrani, Bolchand Rajpal, Dastageer Bhatti, Eeshwar Chandar, Gangaram Samrat, Gowardhan Mahboobani, Gobindram Raisinghani, Hari Himthani, Hareesh Waswani, K L Tanha, Kala Prakash, Moti Praksah, Kirshan Khatwani, Koshee Lalwani, Lachman Kakreja, Lal Pushp, Leela Rachandani, Lilaram Makhejani, Lokram Dodeja, Moti Lal Jotwani, Nanakram Mirchandani, Parm Abheechandani, Pirbho Wafa, Professor Tarachand Gajra, Professor T H Advani, Pursram Zia, Ram Jethmalani, Ram Panjwani, Ramesh Kateja, Thakurdas Asoodomal, Teerath Basant, Tekchand Mast, Wasdev Nirmal, Wishno Bhatia Lata Tahliani, Kamla Keswani, Narain Shayam, Haree Dilgeer, Bhagvanti Nanwani and others.

24-12-2004- Qasimabad-- Public Gathering-- Javed Rajper, Muneer Almani, Zahid Baber, Nazeer Rajper-- addressed the gathering and demanded implementation of 1940 Resolution & Condemned Govt. Policies.

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