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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chronological History Of Awami Tahreek 1986 to 1992

The Chronological History of Revolutionary Political, Educational & Cultural struggles of Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement) & its Founders.

1986 to 1992

1986 January AT launched movement against tribalism and lawlessness in Northern Sindh.

28-03-1986 Participation of thousands workers of Awami Tahreek and Sindhiani Tahreek in the central convention of MRD under the convenership of Awami Tahreek at Nashtar Park Karachi.

1986 Rasool Bux Palijo became the first political prisoner of Pakistan who remained longest term in jail under political charges. Mr. Palijo was declared as Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International in 1981.

23-04-1986 An unforgettable protest rally organized by Awami Tahreek and Sindhiani Tahreek for the release of Palijo Sahib and Fazil Sahib in Hyderabad. Akhter Baloch, Sayed Alam Shah, Siraj Sial, Arab Keerano, Abdul Rehman Lashari, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Maryam Rahoo, Sajida Shaikh led the mammoth rally.

24-04-1986 Child fair in Bhit Shah by 'Sujaag Bar Tahreek'

07-06-1986 Sindh High Court released Rasool Bux Palijo after imprisonment of 10 years. Severely ill leader remained hospitalized at Jinnah Hospital Karachi.

13-06-1986 Rasool Bux Palijo was informed about Kala Bagh Dam conspiracy, he became the first ever Sindhi leader to oppose the KB Dam.

19-06-1986 Marvelous Jashan-e-Latif by Sindhiani Tahreek at Karachi. Akhter Baloch, Maryam Palijo, Shahnaz Rahoo, Jeejee Zareena Baloch, Yasmin Suleman Shaikh, Naila Shah, Maryam Hoor Rahoo, Siraj ul Haq Memon, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Sahibzadi Dahri, Rehana Shaikh, Nasreen Memon, Saeeda Metlo, Ustad Jumman, Ustad Sadiq Ali and others demanded equal rights for Sindhi Peasant Women.

1986 Awami Tahreek organized hundreds of welcome rallies and receptions attended by thousands of people in different parts of Sindh after the release of Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo and Fazil Rahoo.

1986 Rasool Bux Palijo elected Central Convener of MRD.

06-07-1986 Visit of Punjab by central Convener of MRD Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo. Kahlil Qazi, Mir Mazhar, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Aisha Mazhar and Sassui Palijo accompanied him. Malik Qasim, Rao Rashid, I A Rehman, Tahira Mazhar Ali Khan, Lahore High Court Bar Association, Afzal Haider Advocate, Actor Mustafa Qureshi and Rubeena Mustafa, Ahmed Bashir, Fakhar Zaman, Professor Aziz u Din Ahmed, Kishwar Naheed, Professor Jamil Ummer, Sardar Shaukat Ali, Mahnaz Rafee, Rawal Pindi Bar Association, Nawabzada Nasarullah Khan,

Professor Aijaz, Pervez Inayat Malik, MRD GujranWala, Malik Mukhtar Aiwan, Pevez Salih, Malik Hakmeen and others arranged receptions in his honour. Palijo said Punjabi feudals should stop bowing before Generals. He criticized Mohammad Bin Qasim and praised the role of Raja Dahir. Muslim League demanded death penalty for Palijo.

26-07-1986 foundation of Awami National Party. Awami Tahreek, PNP, NDP, Mazdoor Kisan Party after stern efforts and debates join hands for united progressive party. Central convention in Karachi. Wali Khan, Rasool Bux Palijo, Latif Afridi, Fazil Rahoo, Begum Nasim Wali Khan, Hakim Ali Zardari, Sardar Shaukat Ali and others addressed the convention.

1986 Foundation of Awami Labor Federation .

1986 Struggle for the rights of Sindhi people through the platform of' Sindh Bachayo Tahreek '(Save Sindh Movement ).

15-10-1986  Protest  movement  of  Sindhi  Hari  Tahreek  by  organizing demonstrations in front of Commissioner House Hyderabad against the illegal occupation of lands of Kotri Barrage

12-12 1986 Sindhi Mazdoor Tahreek held central convention and conference at Thatta Sugar Mills

17-01-1987 protest against the murder of great peasant Leaders Shaheed Awam Fazil Rahoo. Nimaz-e-Janaza , demonstrations and rallies all over the Pakistan.

20-01-1987 Protest Rally of Awami Tahreek in front of Pakistan Embassy of London. Rasool Bux Palijo, Sarwar Bari, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Dr. Farzana Bari, Naveed, Actor Jamal Shah, Faryal Gohar, Mohsan Bari, Shahid Gogi, Tanveer Zaman, Nargis Tanveer and others condemned Zia ul Haq and martial law and demand for arrests of murderers of Fazil Rahoo.

27-02-1987 CHAHLUM of Shaheed Fazil Rahoo. Rasool Bux Palijo called upon Sindhi Nation to unite.

10-04-1987 organizing 10th annual central convention by SST at Jungshahi Thatta presided by Rasool Bux Palijo.

14-04-1987 Rasool Bux Palijo condemned Kala Bagh Dam and demanded just share of water for Sindhis.

10-07-1987 the central convention and congress held by Sindhiani Tahreek at Shahpur Chakar. Palijo and Shaikh Ayaz praised the role of Sindhiani Tahreek. Resolution passed against Kala Bagh Dam in the Conference of Sindhiani Tahreek.

17-07-1987 Foundation of Sindhi Awam Jo Qomi Itehad (SPNA) on the initiative of AT. Struggle started against Kala Bagh Dam and settlement of Biharis.

1987 Awami Tahreek protests man-made drought and starvation in Thar, AT opens relief camps in Thar.

05-10-1987 Celebration of International day of Children by Sujaag Bar Tahreek.

01-12-1987 Rasool Bux Palijo announced the protest week from December 2 against Anti Sindh Projects and Designs.

1987 Foundation of Sindhi Shahree Itehad for organizing the Sindhis of Karachi and Hyderabad, Gulzar Jumani, Dr. Aslam Parvez, Muneer Bhurgri, Mushtaq Nizamani, Nawaz Pathan, Fida Khoso and other visit Sindhi localities.

1987 June AT delivered the aid to the starved people of Thar.

21-12-87 Foundation of Sindhi Girls Student Organization (SGSO).

1987 AT observes death anniversary of Shah Inayat at Shahpur Chakar.

1987 Jashan-e-Latif in Dadu by SST

08-01-1988 Memorable March held by Awami Tahreek and SPNA, Lacs of Sindhis flooded on roads of Hyderabad. Sayed Alam Shah, Qadir Ranto, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Akhter Baloch, Maryam Rahoo, Siraj Sial, Sassui Palijo, Ghulam Fatima Palijo, Kahlil Bhurgri, Mustafa Suhag, Zahida Shaikh, Jeejee Zareena Baloch, Mohammad Bhurgri, Wishnoo Mal and others led the rally.

13-01-1988 Sindhiani Tahreek demonstration against the murder of four innocent labors of Ghangra mori in Hyderabad.

05-02-88 Latif Day celebrated in Sukkur by Sindhiani Tahreek. Shaikh Ayaz presided.

12-02-88. The Celebration of  Mansoor Abbassi Day in Thatta by Sindh Intellectual Forum (Awami Intellectual forum). Rasool Bux Palijo, Mohsan Abbasi, Lakhano Bahrani, Mariam Palijo praise the role of qomi heroes.

19-02-88 Celebration of Jashan-e-Latif by AT in Ganesh Bag Shikarpur

27-02-88 First Awami Inqalabi Death Anniversary of Shaheed Fazil Rahoo.
Rasool Bux Palijo, Hakim Ali Zardari, Abdul Wahid Areesar, Mairaj Mohd Khan, Manzoor Wassan, Fatahyab Ali Khan, Dr. Hameeda Khoro, Professor Aziz u Din Ahmed, Sardar Shaukat, and others praised the role of Fazil Rahoo.

04-03-88 First ever Anti Kala Bag Dam convention at Hur Camp Hyderabad by Awami Tahreek and SPNA. Palijo appeals Sindhi Awami to raise their voice against Kalabagh Dam. Meer Thebo, Mohammad Khan Solangi, Mola Bux, Manzoor Solangi, Aijaz Mangi, Suleman Dahri, Mohamad Ibrahim Joyo, Sayed Alam Shah, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Arab Keerano and others condemn General Zias policies. Convention demanded cancellation of Kala Bagh Dam Project.

05-03-88 Rasool Bux Palijo citizens Zia and His policies at a conference called by Prime Minister Junejo in Islamabad about Geneva Agreement. Benazir Bhutto and other leaders share their views.

23-03-1988 Protest march in Sukkur by AT and SPNA.

14-04-88 Marvelous Historical Rally and protest in Karachi on call of AT / ANP and SPNA Lacs of Sindhis on Bundar Road Karachi. Rasool Bux Palijo, Hakim Ali Zardari, Masood Noorani, Imdad Chandio, Qadir Ranto, Sayed Alam Shah, Sahibzadi Dahri, Mumtaz Nizamani, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Meer Thebo le the rally. Hafeez Peerzada and Hussain Haroon declared it as a biggest peoples Rally of their life.

1988 Rasool Bux Palijo and Tahreek magazine declare newly born urban group as terrorist organization. GM Sayed and other nationalist” declare them a new hope for emancipation of Sindh.

1988 May. talks for united alliance at SAN, Rasool Bux Palijo, GM Sayed, Mohammad Ibrahim Joyo, Masood Noorani, Abdul Wahid Areesar, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Sayed Alam Shah, Shah Mohammad Shah, Aijaz Jattoi, Hameeda Khoro, Atta ullah Unnar and others participated.

 20-05-88 Awami Tahreek played vital role in foundation of Sindhi Qomi Itehad but latter on the inclusion of terrorists and pro establishment feudals AT left it.

1988 protest movement for the restoration of Sindhi medium in educational institutions by Sujaag Bar Tahreek.

05-08-88 MRD's Convention in Sukkur in the convenership of Awami National Party.

1988 August and September: Awami Tahreek initiated relief work during the floods caused by breaking down of Surjani Band. Food material and medicines to villages.

1988 September-October Zia Patronized Urban terrorists and agent nationalists started brutal attacks on peaceful civilians. Hundreds of Sindhis killed in Hyderabad and Karachi Awami Tahreek calls for protest rallies and demos.

1988 October to 1989 Awami Tahrek established relief camps in Qasimabad, Naseem Nagar, Abdullah Town and in Model School Gari Khata for the Sindhi victims of terrorism AT provided them continuous supply of food, clothes , medicines and other accessories. Rasool Bux Palijo himself, Jeejee Zareena Baloch, Dr. Madam Mumtaz Bhutto, Dr. Qamar Wahid, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Khalil Bhurgri, Mushtaq Nizamani, Gulzar Jumani, Ali Gul Metlo Dr. Inez Amir Channa and others take charge of relief work.

1988 November Struggle for the awareness and education of people by the elections of 1988. Awami Tahreek took firm stand against feudals and jageerdars.

Awami Tahreek argued that all oppressed people of Pakistan should be united against the feudals, industrialists, imperialism and generals.

1986-1991 Awami Tahreek developed good political and cultural relations with Afghan President Dr. Najeebullah and his Party, Asian Students Association (ASA) Hong Kong, Asia Pacific Peace Forum, Communist Parties of India and Socialist and Intellectual Forums of United Kingdom, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, Soviet Union and Netherlands.

1988 Protest against the pact / deal of Pakistan Peoples Party with terrorists in Aziz Abad. Rasool Bux Palijo wrote book 'Paai Kaan Kammaan Mein'.

25-01-1989 congregations, demonstrations, hunger strikes and protests by Sindhi Shagird Tahreek against the repatriation of Biharies.

27-02-1989 Second Death Anniversary of Shaheed Fazil Rahoo at Rahooki. Awami Tahreek calls upon the working classes of Pakistan to stand up against generals, imperials and feudalism.

1989 ANP decided to initiate talks with MQM. Awami Tahreek parts its ways from ANP.

17-03-1989 Awami Tahreek hosts conference of intellectuals and politicians regarding basic problems of Sindhi Awam.

1989 Black day observed by AT in Karachi and Hyderabad against the brutal killing of sindhis..

30-04-89 Death Anniversary of Mir Ali Bux Talpur was observed in Mirpurkhas.

12-05-1989 'Stop Terrorism Conference ' held in Hyderabad by Awami Tahreek.

1989  Ali Hyder Shah Case proceeded in Rawalpindi, Rasool Bux Palijo defended Ali Haider Shah.

20-10-1989 birthday of RB Palijo celebrated in Jungshahi, SGSO and Sindhiani Tahreek activists armed guard of honour to him.

1990 Rasool Bux Palijo opposed vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and appeals Sindh MNAs not to play in the hands of intelligence agencies

27-02-90 Third Death Anniversary of Shaheed Fazil Rahoo in Rahoki..

10-09-1990 Convention of Sujaag Bar Tahreek and speech competition under the topic of 'Ilum Bahtar Ya Hunar' at Jungshahi.

13-09-1990 Central Convention of Awami Tahreek and celebration of Jashan-e- Latif in Thatta.

1990 Rasool Bux Palijo presented Sindh case in Geneva Switzerland.

1990 October Struggle for the awareness and education of people by election.

28-02-91Central convention of Sindhiani Tahreek and Mushaera in Qasimabad. Noor ul Huda Shah, Shaikh Ayaz, Ustad Bukhari, Imdad Husaini, Aiajz Mangi, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Sahar Imdad, Akash Ansari, Shamsher ul Haidri, Nisar Husaini, Naseer Mirza and others participated.

08-09-91 Sindh Balik Mello and seminar against copy culture in Sukkur by Sujaag Bar Tahreek.

 04-10-91 Sindhi Qomi conference at Qasimabad by Awami Tahreek.

24-10-91 Central conference of Sindhi Hari Tahreek.

27-11-91 Hungers Strikes of Sindhiani Tahreek against Dacoits, Beharis and law and order situation in entire Sindh.

 06-12-91 First Long march led by Rasool Bux Palijo started from Sukkur against the postponement of census, Dams and repatriation of Biharis by Awami Tahreek.

1991 December to January. Bux Palijo opposed Kala Bagh Dam, terrorism and unemployment in Khairpur, Noshahro Feroz, Kandiaro, Hala, Hyderabad, Thatta and other small towns.

02-01-92 Great mega show of people after the arrival of long march at Karachi. Benazir Bhutto herself welcomes Rasool Bux Palijo at shah-e-rahe Faisal Karachi.

09-01-1992 Rasool Bux Palijo visited Punjab to protest against Kala Bagh Dam.

15-02-92 Seminar on Sindhi Journalism held in Hyderabad.

06-08-92 Rasool Bux Palijo said Sindhis are ready to fight against all atrocities, they are not afraid of anybody. He was addressing AT general conference.

1992 Rasool Bux Palijo confronts General Hameed Gul head of ISI on Bihari Issue Conference organized by frontiers post in Lahore.

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