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Monday 28 November 2022

Stop the Cutting of the Karoonjhar Mountains


In Nagarpar, Tharparkar, Sindh, a rally of thousands of protesters, including a sizable number of women, children, and older persons, was staged to call for an end to the cutting of the Karoonjhar mountains. District (Mithi) Tharparkar's Awami Tahreek coordinated the protest walk. Protesters asserted that the Karoonjhar mountain range had importance for anthropology, ecology, and spirituality. It is a popular tourist destination that draws millions of tourists each year rather than just hundreds of thousands. They said that the chopping of mountains was the fault of the Sindh Government, which has been led by the Pakistan People's Party since 2008. 

Before the event, thousands of people visited Rooplo Kolhi's memorial, where they reinstalled memorial tablet the was removed by some persons belonging governing party. After installatoin the candles were lit in his honour. 

A commander of the Koli troops, Rooplo Kolhi was in rebellion with two other commanders under Rana Karan Singh of Nagarparkar. More than 8,000 fighters from the Kolhi tribe rebelled under Kolhi's command. In the Karoonjhar Mountains, the rebel force led by Rooplo had already repeatedly routed Col. George Tyrwhitt's army. Tyrwhitt brought his exhausted cavalry back to his army base camp in Mirpurkhas following each engagement. The Kolhi used guerilla warfare techniques to kill many of his British soldiers during his second invasion on the Parkar district of Sindh. While his troops were gathering water from the Pag Wool well, other commanders were assassinated, and Rooplo Kolhi was later detained nearby. Rooplo Kolhi was brought before Colonel Tyrwhitt, who made a generous offer in exchange for him seeking forgiveness, becoming a vassal, and disclosing the location of Karan Singh and his associates' hiding place. Kolhi refused and refused to comply with Colonel Tyrwhitt's terms. In front of the community, his fingers were burned while being wrapped in cotton and covered in oil. He heroically endured every torment. On August 22, 1858, he was hanged along the Gardharo stream near the Nagarparkar and Karoonjher Mountains.

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Sunday 13 November 2022

Awamit Tahreek Election 2022

 Newly elected central committee is taking oath at Awami Tahreek Secretariate. 

عوامي تحريڪ جي نئين چونڊيل مرڪز ي ڪميٽي جو اجلاس عوامي تحريڪ جي مرڪزي آفيس ڊي ٽين پليجو ھائوس قاسم آباد حيدرآباد ۾ ٿي گذريو.
اجلاس ۾ عوامي تحريڪ جا مرڪزي عھديدار چونڊيا ويا.
1) صدر: لال جروار 
2) سينيئر نائب صدر: سجاد احمد چانڊيو
3) نائب صدر (في ميل): ادي حورالنساءَ پليجو 
4) نائب صدر(ميل): ساجد ميھسر 
5) جنرل سيڪريٽري: نور احمد ڪاتيار 
6) ڊپٽي جنرل سيڪريٽري: وسند ٿري
7) جوائنٽ سيڪريٽري (ميل): ستار رند
8) جوائنٽ سيڪريٽري (في ميل): ادي نور بانو ملاح
9) خزانچي: پرويز ميمڻ
10) آفيس سيڪريٽري: راحيل ڀٽو 
11) ليگل ايڊوائيزر: مير بشير ٽالپر 
12) ثقافتي سيڪريٽري: ادي سنڌو 
13) پريس سيڪريٽري: ڪاشف ملاح 
14) سوشل ميڊيا سيڪريٽري: اظھار دائودپوٽو 
15) رابطا سيڪريٽري: سرواڻ جتوئي
16) تعليمي سيڪريٽري: اسماعيل خاصخيلي
سميت ٻيا ميمبر پڻ چونڊيا ويا.

Monday 7 November 2022

Awami Tahreek Election of Central Committee 6th November 2022

Election of Central Committee of  Awami Tahreek held on 6th November 2022. Votes were casted in all districts. The process of election is not even halted in very difficult situation, for example in 2020 durring the Corona Virus Lock down situation, the votes was casted in different area of Sindh, with premeative measures were taken. 

Gul Hassan Kerano, a Senior Worker of Awami Tahreek and Companion of Rasool Bux Palijo is annoucing the results.