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Rasul Bux Palijo

  1. Instead Of Exile

  2. The Other Side Of The Picture                               1992

  3. 11th September Tragedy: Perspectives and Portends   2001
  4. On Getting Rid Of Evil Traditions                                2003

Interviews (English)

  1. The Biggest Problem is Structural: 18 Aug 2003 Daily Dawn
  2. Interview With Rasul Bux Palijo By RDPI

Books (English)

  1. The Sindh – Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2002

Articles (Sindhi)

  1. International Communist Movement (Temporary Decline)              1991 
  2. A Glimpse Of History of India Before 1947                               23rd March, 1998
  3. Which was the foundation of Real Constitution of Pakistan?         06th Jan, 2006 
  4. What Can Recent Elected Representative do for Nation?  25th Feb, 2008
  5.  The Independence from imperial powers indispensable for Real Democracy 26th Feb, 2008 
  6. What does it mean separate mandate for Karachi?     27th Feb, 2008
  7. Formation of Sindh assembly and Past worst experiences       5th Mar, 2008
  8. New Government and Question of the Respect of Peoples Mandate  14th Mar, 2008 
  9. What Mushraf regime had been doing against Sindh 19th Mar, 2008
  10. Historical Conspiracy in literature against Sindh     24th Apr, 2008 
  11. World Classical Literature!                                                           09th Apr, 2008
  12.  Arabic Classical Prose in History                                                 28th May, 2008
  13.  Is this same Country?                                                                    05th Jan, 2006
  14.  What should be done to save frozen eyes?                                    12th Mar, 2009
  15. Why do not we open the historical record?                                    16th Apr, 2009
  16. Why Sindh Suffers from Migration of Sawates?                            31st May, 2009
  17. U.S's World Dirty Plans                                                                 5th Apr, 2010
  18. What International Power is balancing towards oppressed?          13th Apr, 2010
  19. A glimpse of the long history of indus water robbery                     2nd May, 2010
  20. Global context of planning against Sindh                                       7th May, 2010
  21. Water Shortage causing Monstrous sights in Sindh                       26th June, 2010
  22. Who will ensure proper share of water of Thirsting Sindh?           28th June, 2010
  23. Few Question? Injustice in water share against Sindh                      4th July, 2010
  24. Is This Flood Natural Or Man Made?                                         25th Sep, 2010
  25. What HAARP caused this flood 2010 Pakistan?                          27th Sep, 2010
  26. Bogus Census And Playing With The Future Of Sindh                  15th Apr, 2011
  27. Census is Only Justified & Legal for indigenous people of Sindh   18th Apr, 2011  
  28. Rights of inhabitants of Indus and International Declaration          20th Apr, 2011
  29. In the reference of "What Chandar Gupat Moria Was Sindhi?"    22th May, 2011

Selected Poetry


Interviews (Sindhi)